Twikilist was created as a simple, open and public registration list for your events.


We love the open and public nature of community-editable systems like wiki's or blog comments, but we noticed some drawbacks, especially when a lot of people are trying to get their name on the list at the same time.

Enter Twikilist: create a list, select the features you want, spread the word and don't worry about the rest.

Use it where you want

Twikilist gives you a fully editable page (like this) to wrap around your registration list.
Super fast to create and super fast to setup.

If you need a more feature-rich environment like a full Wiki, or if you want to embed a registration list on your blog, you can just copy/paste a small javascript snippet in your page to include a twikilist.
When embedded on your pages, you will get the fully functional list without any ads, logo's or other annoying stuff, only with a small link to the twikilist homepage.

Did we mention Twikilist loves Twitter?

By simply checking a box you allow people to register - or unregister - for your event by sending a tweet, giving extra visibility to your event.
For example, if your event is called "TwikiLaunch", sending a tweet @twikilist #TwikiLaunch I'll be there will get you on the list (and @twikilist #TwikiLaunch cancel will remove you).

Twikilist is transparent

Every modification is logged and is public, so anyone can see what's happening.

Twikilist is sweet

Thinking of a cool feature that Twikilist is missing or a usage that would need a little twikitweaks?
Send your smile and some good karma towards @steffest and I'll see what I can do.