GOEIEMORGEN LIMBURG HASSELT, 10-03-2023, 8u30, VP+, Roeselstraat 5-7, Hasselt,,

1 commentName: Leen Breemans
company: PersoLEEN
2 commentName: Sofie Becks
company: VP+
3 commentName: Ilse Schops
company: Hands-on Hero
4 commentName: Nele Vanwinge
company: iNto interieurarchitectuur
5 commentName: Leyden Piet
company: Argeye Drone Solutions
6 commentName: Lars De Winter
company: GTB
7 commentName: Bernadet Wehenkel
company: Verhaallijnen
8 commentName: Annick Rogiers
company: Bedrijfs-/Traumacoach - HR Consultant
9 commentName: Bert Oerlemans
company: BertO-Fotografie
10 commentName: Hilde Vandebroek
company: Moedige Mantelzorgers
11 commentName: Sam Recko
company: Confideo
12 commentName: Sandro Mastronardi
company: Simpele Duif/Acteerlessen.be/Mastronardi Software

People that couldn't make it

These people registered before but sadly couldn't make it.
(if you accidentally got removed from the list, you can restore yourself here)

1 commentName: Creosa Govaers
company: By Creosa

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